Here’s some Mario folk, walking around as if they own the place.

Hey man!

Look at them all!

High Rez version y’all:


5 responses to “Marioseses”

  1. Frankie K says :

    Are you willing to sell Marioseses? If so, how much?

  2. Michael May says :

    Dude! You have a blog?! W00t!

  3. brad says :

    Hey man beautiful piece! You should do one with mario in the bubble from NSMB Wii but that would screw up your composition. Anyways, nice work!

  4. CM30 says :

    It’s a really nice image, but what about the Super Mario Land games, or for that matter, the Vanish Cap Mario form from Super Mario 64? It’s a pity how many people seem to ignore the handheld Mario games, especially as they’re games of about as high quality as the console ones (especially Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins).

    But it’s a good drawing.

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