Sidney the Kidney – 2012 revamp

First of all, I’d like to commend the NHS for attempting to make the process of organ transplant a little less frightening for children. Such a dauntingly complex process must be an awful experience for a child, so the introduction of a fun character may serve to calm their nerves.

Unfortunately, the NHS saw fit to bestow this little fella onto the public:

The still image doesn’t do him justice though, you need to visit this link – as he is animated.

I don’t know exactly what purpose he serves, in his little medical Pope-Hat, riding an invisible mechanical bull – but he’s definitely the stuff of nightmares.

Now I’m only a humble amateur illustrator, so I could never capture that feeling of abject terror that the original Sidney has managed to foment, but I felt that his look was a little outdated. If anyone was in need of a 2012 makeover, it was Sidney the Kidney.

Sidney 2012:

He’s definitely a good fit for today’s bolder, edgier society. Look at those eyes and tell me he doesn’t mean business.

Of course, if they’re still determined to sow the seeds of fear into our nation’s youth; I’ve got their back.

Sidney Noir:

Anyways, NHS – hit me up.



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